When a woman no longer gets frustrated and upset with you, you can almost guarantee that she no longer cares. KushandWizdom (via kushandwizdom)

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Fall in love with someone that doesn’t make you think love is hard 09/08/14 (via incoloure)

I’m just so lonely all the time.

For each person there is a sentence—a series of words—which has the power to destroy them. Philip K. Dick  (via surveyxcorps)

I’m sorry my body wasn’t naturally born slim thick, or my hair isn’t long and full. I’m sorry my thighs jiggle and my stomach needs to be fed. I’m sorry that I don’t look good without makeup, and that I still think I deserve love. I’m not good enough to even be considered an option, yet I’m the one apologizing for it.


no that’s my person don’t go near my person doNT TOUCH MY PERSON THEY ARE MY PERSON AND YOU ARE SO MUCH BETTER THAN ME NO